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MurleyDance Triple Bill, Leeds 1 Dec 2013

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One of the most interesting companies that I saw last year was MurleyDance, a troupe of 6 very talented dancers founded by David Murley. They include some of my favourites such as Umberto Aragno, Sarah Kundi and Joshua Royal.


I saw them at the Stanley & Audrey Burton Theatre in Leeds at the end of a short nationwide tour that included the Lillian Baylis and Lowry and introduced exciting new works by Briar Adams, Gwyn Emberton and Murley himself.  It says something for MurleyDance that a significant proportion of the audience on the night that I saw them were Northern Ballet dancers who had given up their Sunday evening to see the show.  My review of the performance (for what it is worth) is at http://jelterps.blogspot.co.uk/2013/12/murley-dance-triple-bill.html.


According to the company's website Murley is preparing a new work to a score by Patrick Hawes for another tour. MurleyDance also promises ballets by Richard Chappell who is still a student at the Rambert School and Ash Mukherjee. No details of the tour have yet been announced but I will certainly mention it in Terpsichore and here when they are published and I shall catch a performance somewhere in the country if I can.


As I am not sure that I shall get round to any more posts before the New Year because I have a mountain of work and nobody pays me to watch or write about ballet I wish everyone in the Forum a happy New Year. I am very glad to have found you all. 

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