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Happy Christmas


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I think it did originate in the UK Anjuli and I've not been persuaded to change from saying it so


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


to everyone, hope you all get what you are wising for, for Christmas and good luck to all those waiting for results and to those who are auditioning

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Happy Christmas to you all. Good luck to everyone auditioning in the New Year (gulp....dd2 has 3 in 2 weeks and dd1 has 2 in 2 weeks and I'm sorting out the logistics of 2 auditions on the same day (dd1 and dd2) and dd2 auditioning in London on one Sat followed by dd1 auditioning in Liverpool the day after!).

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Happy Christmas and enjoy having your DS's and DD's home for Christmas.  We got a bonus DS doesn't have to go back until the 2 Jan he's so please he can come to Panto with us.  Peter Pan at Richmond.


For those about to embark on this journey good luck and best wishes we hope it isn't to stressful, but wine is a good friend!!

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Happy Christmas to all on this thread too!! And happy dancing and chauffeuring and audition spreadsheeting for 2014 to all those with a busy dance year ahead and Thankyou for keeping us posted about everything have very much enjoyed reading all the news.

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