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Any Central or Rambert results out yet?

Anna C

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Morning all!


I know Central held their finals recently, and I believe Rambert are either auditioning soon or have done recently. Just wondering if anyone had heard of any results from either school yet?


Thanks. :-)

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Thankyou everybody. After lots of discussions my daughter has decided that she will go to Central. I will say to everybody these 6th form auditions are really stressful. I will also strongly point out that non vocational children have done just as well as vocational students. If your child has a really good dance school and is part of an associate scheme or has a private teacher, then please don't stress about sending them away to school. If they want to go and the family is happy about it then fantastic, however if your child does not get in to a vocational school then don't worry, there time may come. Thanks again everybody for all your kind congratulations.

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