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Russian Ballet Summer School


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I have just come across this summer school in the dancing times. I just wanted to ask Primrose, is this where your daughter trained. The summer course runs from the 28th July to 1st August. I think that I may look into this summer course as I have heard good comment about the school and the teachers. The web site is www.bristolrussianballetschool.com or info@bristolrussianballetschool.com. Has anyone had experience of this summer school before? After reading everybody's comment regarding training from overseas, perhaps my daughter would enjoy having a try at the Russian method of training.

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13 to 18 years, it is advertised in the dancing times with all the other summer schools. Just thought with all the over seas training discussions this may well be a summer school to look at if your children wanted to tap into some Russian training. There is also an excellent Russian training school in London.

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