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Ballet boyz A Chance to Dance


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Just wondering if anyone has been following this programme on sky arts channel. I have found it fascinating as it is about Michael and Billy from ballet boyz forming a company of dancers for a gala in New York. During the programme it clearly highlights what type of dancers they are looking for without the usual drama of T.V. Michael and Billy can also be very blunt throughout the audition process. On this occasion having just pure classical technique is not enough, they want contemporary, thoughtful, creative dancers who can give what the choreographer is looking for. My daughter found this programme very informative.

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Yes I was watching it too Tulip.  It was good on the whole, but certain bits were irritating.  My main gripe is that we got such short snippets of dance so you would just be getting into it when they cut to other shots.  Even the final show suffered from switching between cameras every few bars and a roving camera.  It was very hard to appreciate the full impact of the choreography.  I also really dislike the way they build up the drama before cutting numbers of people.  I know it is the fashion in tv these days but I makes me feel like a voyeur.


Having said that, Michael and Billy are an amazingly talented pair and amassed a company of very talented dancers.  Keep an eye on their website.  DD did a day long workshop with them last year and loved it.  She was also going to do a week's summer school but it was cancelled (they were very prompt with returning payment).


In general. these days very few companies want only classical technique, most want dancers who are strong in contemporary too.  Just look at the dancers in Prix de Lausanne.  

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