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Just wondering whether anyone could explain to me, please, how I'm supposed to access the review of the RB Nutcracker on the Arts Desk website?  I most certainly haven't accessed 4 articles already this month, and I doubt I've accessed more than 2 throughout November, so it really shouldn't be blocking me, yet a short time after the review comes up I just get a black page.

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I have had no trouble so far.  I had the site saved in my favourites and I have just tried again and it still allows me access. There is a note saying that they require a small sub from now on but no mention of blocking the site.  I got the impression that they were inviting contributions rather as Ballet Co did, with great success, but obviously I was incorrect

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Had no difficulty accessing two AD articles for today's Links but it does look as if we're going to have increasing trouble. However their dance coverage has diminished so it may not matter too much. If the links harvesters can't get at the articles, they won't appear in our listings.


Thanks, John.  I wasn't sure whether the shortage of AD links recently had been down to a shortage of coverage or whether you all couldn't get at them any more.

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