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Anna Pavlova Film.

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I have been trying to find online the full length version [nearly 2 hours long I understand] of the film Anna Pavlova made,which was the 1916 silent movie,The Dumb Girl of Portici. There is a really short clip on You Tube but that is all. On various film archive websites there are references to it, but nowhere does it mention how one can actually go about viewing the movie in its entirety. I contacted the photographer,Gene Schiavone on his Facebook page asking him if he had any knowledge of where/how it might be viewed or purchased and he very kindly got back to me and just advised me to re-direct my message back to You Tube advising to ask people there. I`m hoping someone out there will know. From the reviews I`ve read from people who have seen it ,and from the critics at the time,Pavlova`s performance as Fenella is outstanding. It was shown at a viewing in London last year I think, so obviously,the film must be "out there" somewhere. So i`m just asking all you knowedgeable peeps out there if anyone knows. Thanks.

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The film definitely exists in the BFI archive. If you search in its archive collections online it's quite easy to find. Alison is right - it was shown last year there, but if you want to view it now, it's more difficult.


From the BFI website:  

Once you’ve found out we hold a copy of a film or television programme using the collections search, you may be able to view the film on BFI premises. Unfortunately we are unable to respond to requests for bespoke DVD copies and copyright restrictions prevent us from selling copies.

Not so easy for you, I guess, in Northern Ireland!


Jane Pritchard of the V&A was the curator of the Pavlova film season; you could possibly ask them if they know of any accessible copies of the film.

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Wow,thank you so much for your help. I have always had a bit of an obsession with Pavlova and would love to see her acting performance in this film. Apart from the dancing excerpt there are stills of her, and on my Pinterest page of her there is one in particular I just love. Her expression is just so strong and powerful. Would have asked Nick Wallace -Smith,but sadly his You Tube page seems to have been suspended .

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