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Sylvie Guillem Athens, Marguerite et Armand, Sacred Monsters

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Sylvie Guillem will be offering two different facets of her immense talent at Megaron Concert Hall in Athens (Megaron Mousikis) around Christmas time:

« Sacred Monsters » with A. Khan  from December 19th to December 23rd



And right after that “Marguerite et Armand” by Ashton partnered by Massimo Murru and the Tokyo Ballet from December 25th to December 30th


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Also forgot to mention that the during the Christmas Gala at Megaron Mousikis in Athens, besides the two shows mentioned above with Sylvie,  the Tokyo Ballet will also be presenting a special version of “The Sleeping Beauty” from December 25th to December 30th. For more information here:



And since we are talking about Athens during Christmas time, two other wonderful dancers, Lucia Lacarra and Marlon Dino will be gracing the stage in Athens on December 25th and December 26th (evening performances) with “The Nutcracker” by the Latvian National Opera Ballet at the Badmington Theater in Athens:


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