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Get into London Theatre - low cost tickets for 7 dance shows in Jan/Feb

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This year's 'Get into London Theatre' includes 7 dance shows, tickets are around £15 / £25 and booking opens on the 10th Dec.


The list doesn't give to many details, but the Giselle/Don Quixote/Swan Lake seems to be the Sofia National Ballet at the New Wimbledon Theatre in early Feb



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Thanks for that, Coated.  A bit annoying, because the Wimbledon prices are lower than the discount I got with my ATG card, back in the days when I had one!   (Oh, and it's the Siberian ballet rather than the Sofia one).


Also worth noting that Will Tuckett's "Wind in the Willows" - at the Duchess theatre this year, I think - is among the shows available.

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