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NIDMS second centre launched!


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Last night I was delighted to be invited to the official launch of the National Institute for Dance Medicine & Science's second NHS clinic. Following the success of the London clinic where over 200 dancers, teachers and students have been seen, a second centre will be based at Queen Elizabeth hospital, Birmingham where Dr Leon Creaney will be leading the centre I believe, with 3 other team members.


Harlequin flooring also made a huge donation of £10,000 to support the facility. It will be part of 'the big give' in the next few days where any donations made by individuals will be matched - to donate or to find out more go to https://secure.thebiggive.org.uk/project/8874.


This is a fantastic facility and if anyone wants to be referred to it directly from their GP at the moment they should contact Helen Laws at Dance UK. There's info about it here: http://www.danceuk.org/news/article/new-nhs-dance-injury-clinic-birmingham/

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