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Ballet and Dance on TV (or radio) over Christmas

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Fantastic news! Any excuse to watch Marianela Nunez's Kitri again...


Any ideas on the cast for the Bolshoi SB? I'm guessing it's the Zakharova/Hallberg cast that was relayed to cinemas a year or two ago? I found her a little cold (for some reason I find it hard to connect to her performances) but still a very enjoyable performance from the pair.

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Wednesday 18th  and Sunday 22nd Dec SkyArts are showing the Mariinsky Nutcracker which I think is a fairly recent filming, starring Alina Somova and Vladimir Shklyarov.


On Christmas day The Red Shoes is being shown on BBC2 at 8.50 am. At teatime the Matthew Bourne Sleeping Beauty  is also being shown on BBC2 at 6.10 pm until 7.40pm (Is this rather short for a Sleeping Beauty?) This is followed by Carlos' Don Q at 8pm on BBC4. Can't remember such a feast of ballet for a long time all on one day. Unfortunately the 2012 recording of the Royal ballet Nutcracker shown on SkyArts at 4.30pm clashes with Beauty but the Nutcracker is repeated I think on Boxing Day at 8am and possibly other dates as well.


Royal Ballet Swan lake on SkyArts Boxing day at 4.30 pm stars Kish and Yanowsky.


Am really pleased the 2010 Patineurs is being shown on a number of occasions on SkyArts. I know it is on the Ashton dvd but I never understood why it wasn't broadcast on tv when it must have been filmed at the same time as the Tales of Beatrix Potter which was broadcast several years ago.


The Lauren Cuthbertson/Polunin Sleeping Beauty is being shown on SkyArts on Friday 27th Dec at 4.30pm. (repeated next day)It lasts until 7pm so that seems to be an hour longer than the Matthew Bourne production.


While I'm really pleased that all these balletic treats are being broadcast it is rather hard luck on those who only have Freeview and won't be able to access the SkyArts broadcasts. While it's great the BBC are broadcasting 2 ballets it's a pity the BBC/Royal Opera House link seems to have been lost and more aren't being broadcast on terrestrial tv. It's also a pity the Macrae/Marquez La Fille isn't being broadcast as that was definately my highlight of the ballet broadcasting year. Perhaps Tony Hall could add it to the BBC Easter highlights.

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I'll still enjoy the terrestrial ballet!!


When did you get your Christmas radio times Alison? Ive been keeping a look out and haven't seen anyone selling it down here.....hope I haven't managed to miss it!


Last Saturday, in Waitrose, although it turned out that Sainsbury's had it too (they tend not to get it too early, which is why I grabbed it when I saw it in Waitrose).


I agree, it's a shame more of the Royal Ballet productions (which of course are funded partly by the taxpayer) can't be made freely available.  But I'm not sure the Beeb would have that much capacity available :(

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Just a quick note that BBC have launched new HD versions of more of their channels, so if you're planning on setting your V+/Sky+/VHS/Betamax for anything on BBC Four, do remember that there's now an HD version. :) Channel numbers are here:



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Well, I've now been right through the two-week edition of the RT and can't see any reference to a Bolshoi Sleeping Beauty, only Matthew Bourne's :(

Well I'm quite pleased about that as I'm off to a cinema showing of the Bolshoi Sleeping Beauty on Monday, with another balletco forum member and our dancing dcs. It would have  a bit annoying to find it on TV 2 days later :rolleyes:


Looking forward to another chance to see the Matthew Bourne one again, and RB's DQ, but as there are overlaps and clashes with Strictly and Dr Who I think there could be trouble ahead :unsure: Why put both on the same day?? Interesting that MB gets BBC 2 - is he considered more "mainstream" or popular, than the RB who get BBC4?

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Important news for people watching Bourne's Sleeping Beauty! Matthew Bourne has just tweeted the following:


BBC2 Xmas Day screening of our #SleepingBeauty is now at 5.55 not 6.10 as prev advertised! Don't miss the start or you will be lost! #dance



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Important news for people watching Bourne's Sleeping Beauty! Matthew Bourne has just tweeted the following:





Thank you very much for that, BBB.  I was wondering which bits they'd cut from the recording, because I was sure it had lasted a couple of hours, including interval.  So, what are they moving?  Can't be The Queen, surely?  And there are two Dr. Who-related programmes immediately before that ...

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Dance on UK TV this Christmas/New Year


Well, here we go, reasonably fully, I hope: programmes on Sky Arts 2 at all times unless otherwise indicated (I've left out anything 10 minutes or less long).


Saturday 21st December:

7.00 am: Peter and the Wolf (at least, I presume this is ballet)

7.35 am: Le Jeune Homme et La Mort


Sunday 22nd December:

2.00 pm: Mariinsky Nutcracker


Monday 23rd December:

10.10 am: Mariinsky Nutcracker

Midnight: Peter and the Wolf


Tuesday 24th December:

(Well, sort of:) Fantasia, BBC2, 4.15 pm


Christmas Day:

8.25 am: Peter and the Wolf

BBC2, 8.50 am: The Red Shoes

4.30 pm: Royal Ballet The Nutcracker (2012 cinema showing)

BBC2, 5.55 pm (according to Matthew Bourne): Matthew Bourne's Sleeping Beauty

BBC4, 8.00 pm: Royal Ballet Don Quixote


Boxing Day:

8.00 am: The Nutcracker (RB?)

4.30 pm: Royal Ballet Swan Lake (Yanowsky/Kish)


Friday 27th December:

8.00 am: Swan Lake (RB?)

10.30 am: Peter and the Wolf

11.05 am: Le Jeune Homme et la Mort

3.00 pm: Les Patineurs

4.30 pm: Royal Ballet Sleeping Beauty (Cuthbertson/Polunin)

(Wow, Sky viewers are really spoiled today)


Saturday 28th December:

8.00 am: Sleeping Beauty (RB?)

4.30 pm: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (sounds like the original RB broadcast - Cuthbertson, Polunin, Watson)

11.45 pm: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland


Sunday 29th December:

8.20 am: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland


Monday 30th December:

9.30 am: Les Patineurs

1.55 pm: Coppelia (whose?)

3.40 pm: The Mystery of Coppelia


New Year's Eve:

6.00 am: Le Jeune Homme

6.25 am: Peter and the Wolf


New Year's Day:

8.00 am: Le Jeune Homme encore une fois

BBC2, 11.15 am (and various other times on BBC4): New Year's Day Vienna Concert features choreography by Ashley Page (on the Red Button from 10.15 am)

10.30 pm: Stomp: Live (just for a bit of a change)


Friday 3rd January:

2.45 am: George Balanchine Forever

8.00 am: Mariinsky Theatre Opening Gala

7.30 pm: A Delicate Battle (Matjash Mrozewski)

8.00 pm: Mariinsky Nutcracker (Somova/Shklyarov)

2.00 am (technically Saturday): The Nutcracker (whose?)



I think that's about everything.  If there are any errors or omissions, please post them below and I'll edit them in.


And many thanks to everyone who's contributed information here, directly or indirectly.

Edited by alison
Deleted non-ballet programmes
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Also Dance-related radio this Christmas (or rather, New Year):


New Year's Eve (or technically the early hours of New Year's Day):


Radio 4 12.15 am: Food for Thought - a repeat featuring Carlos Acosta, who "reflects on how his ballet career has influenced his diet".


Also, Friday 3rd January 2014:

Radio 2, 10.00 pm: The Radio 2 Arts Show includes "another chance to hear Tony Hall's plans for the arts across the BBC".

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Wonderful TV schedule Alison- thank you! So great to see so many ballets on with different casts- I'm particularly looking forward to Don Quixote and Lauren Cuthbertson in Sleeping Beauty.


Does anyone know who is dancing the Sugar Plum/Prince in The Royal Ballet Nutcracker? The Radio Times just names Meaghan Grace Hinkis as Clara.


Very much looking forwards to Christmas now!

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Does anyone know who is dancing the Sugar Plum/Prince in The Royal Ballet Nutcracker? The Radio Times just names Meaghan Grace Hinkis as Clara.



The casts are on the ROH website, hidden amongst the comments made below the announcement:




Scroll down to the information posted on December 12 at 3.22pm.  I've copied and pasted it below:


Les Patineurs; Divertissements; Scènes de Ballet

Carlos Acosta (Divertissements); Leanne Benjamin (Divertissements); Darcey Bussell (Divertissements); Thiago Soares (Divertissements); Steven McRae (Les Patineurs); Samantha Raine (Les Patineurs); Myako Yoshida (Scènes de Ballet); Ivan Putrov (Scènes de Ballet); The Orchestra of the Royal Opera House; Paul Murphy; Barry Wordsworth

The Nutcracker

Gary Avis (Herr Drosselmeyer); Meaghan Grace Hinkis (Clara); Ricardo Cervera (Hans-Peter/The Nutcracker); Roberta Marquez (The Sugar Plum Fairy); Steven McRae (The Prince); Orchestra of the Royal Opera House; Koen Kessels

Swan Lake

Zenaida Yanowsky (Odette); Nehemiah Kish (Prince Siegfried); The Orchestra of the Royal Opera House; Barry Wordsworth

Sleeping Beauty

Gary Avis (King Florestan XXIV); Genesia Rosato (His Queen); Lauren Cuthbertson (Princess Aurora); Sergei Polunin (Prince Florimund); Alastair Marriott (Cattalabutte); Orchestra of the Royal Opera House; Boris Gruzin

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Sarah Lamb (Alice); Federico Bonelli (Jack / The Knave of Hearts); Edward Watson (Lewis Carroll/ The White Rabbit); Zenaida Yanowsky (Mother / The Queen of Hearts); Steven MacRae (Mad Hatter); Christopher Saunders (Father/King of Hearts); Eric Underwood (Rajah/The Caterpillar); Philip Mosley (The Duchess); The Orchestra of the Royal Opera House; David Briskin

The relay of Don Quixote on BBC Four will feature Marianela Nunez and Carlos Acosta in the lead roles.

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