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RAD Swan Lake workshop Sun 1st Dec


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Hi Happymum


My dd will be there-in the 7-8 age group from 12-2pm. She is tall and very blonde if that helps and will probably be wearing her pink Sally Prout School of Dancing top! I will also have my 5 year old ds in tow in blue Muddy Puddles waterproofs if cold!


My dd did the Nutcracker workshop in Gloucester yesterday and absolutely loved it. I'm sure the Birmingham one will be just as good and she is so looking forward to it.


What age group are your dd and ds? Might see you there, although I remember from last year that its a bit of a scrum signing them in in the front foyer!



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Hi Balletmummy, my DD is older, she'll be in the 9-11 years old group at 2:45, but my DS will join your DD at 12 :-) ! And I'm taking his friend as well. I guess I'll be the only parent with two boys :-). My DD did RAD workshop before in Birmingham and London and also liked it.

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Hi Balletmummy, I did try to look out for a girl in pink jumper but we didn't meet. I hope that your DD did enjoyed the workshop. As you probably noticed my DS ( he was the prince) did really enjoy it, even a bit too much in my opinion! Hope we meet one day ( is your DD thinking of JA auditions?).

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