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LCB Nanny McPhee casting


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Hi all,

If you are thinking of getting tickets for this production , I would do it sooner rather than later. I went to book some the other day and was shocked by how many had been sold already.

Last year I tried to buy tickets to see'secret Garden' but was too late. Glad I got some this year.

This is obviously going to appeal .....

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What a lovely article, thank you for posting the link, tutoo2much. The only part I didn't like was the mention by the journalist of "Fattypuffs and Thinnifers". Not nice!


I had no idea Lucille Briance set up LCB because her dd had the "wrong" feet and knees for vocational school. How lovely.


Chookas to everyone involved for Nanny McPhee! :-)

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i really liked the article but did not like the repeated use of 'co-stars' and 'fattypuffys and thinifers' i dont think there should be comments about the childrens size especially as they are all under 16 and very influenced by comments like this

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