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Video Entries for YAGP, WBC etc


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is anyone out there preparing variation videos for YAGP etc? My dd's teachers are having her enter in a couple of these competitions even though, if she were to make it through to the finals, we would be unable to travel to the USA for her to compete. 


Anyway, just wondering if anyone has tips on how to video variations in the studio. We've done 2 out of 3 but unfortunately, we can't avoid getting 'clutter' in the images. By that, I mean the grey exit door with the green-man light and the sound system - nothing we are able to remove. It seems a bit messy to me.


Today was really hard as we had a thunderstorm! Just manage to get 2mins of video right at the end of a 2 hour session.

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Hi Pastel

This DVD thing is driving me mad!

Our studio is on the small size and when my dd is doing her grande allegro I can't fit it in properly.She has to make it smaller and it looks like she is just marking it!

Also the barre has two levels,my dd has to use the lower barre and when she has to balance with arms in second it's the same level the arms should be!

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tumuchtallent, I completely understand! My dd has turned her solos around so she uses the short side of the studio, that means that I can get far enough back to mostly keep her hands and feet in when she is en pointe - BUT it means that she has to compress all the grande allegro work, really hard to stretch out and dance it properly. 


I know other schools hire theatres and have all there kids filmed professionally, but that isn't an option for us.

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