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The Day of The Doctor!

Ian Macmillan

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Well, after 50 years, it's been and gone - and the BBC claims it has been awarded a Guinness World Record for the "biggest ever simulcast of a TV drama," having been run in 94 countries.  Who (of those who can remember it from November 1963) would have thought it?  I'm referring - of course - to BBC 1's 50th Anniversary Doctor Who Special last night.  I generally sit through episodes having no idea what's going on, but last night had a strong story line, elegantly and wittily scripted, and well worthy of the hype over recent weeks.


TimeOut has produced a very handy digest of the show:




I thought Billie Piper came across very well as a Voice of Conscience and, like TimeOut, I missed a reprise of the delicious Alex Kingston's River Song.  Other than that, I suspect that the decision to have just Tom Baker back from the list of extant previous Doctors was well-judged.  And as we await the arrival of Peter Capaldi, we might think of John Hurt as the Doctor Who Never Was but one who, after last night, must certainly join the Pantheon of longer-appearing manifestations over the past 50 years.


Ad Multos Annos!



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