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Auditions, Appraisals and Results - Good luck wishes


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I just wanted to wish everyone who has DC's auditioning this time  and having formal appraisals next week and after Christmas a collective good luck message

I  do not always get the time to leave a comment on the different threads and sometimes miss posting to people I know.( I hope all went well yesterday Tutugirl ).

I know from personal experience that the postman doesn't always bring the news you are excruciatingly waiting for and there is usually something else that works better for your child in the long run.

Wherever your rollercoaster journey takes you and your DC's you can bet someone on this forum has been there and can offer advice or support.


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I am currently wading through pages of upper school application forms and I cannot believe we are here already and that almost five years have passed since we last went through this process. I think I am going to find this so much more stressful than five years ago as basically it's crunch time having invested soooo much on all fronts over the last ten plus years. Good luck to everyone, whatever you're going for, but especially all those year 11's having to cope with pre-appraisals, appraisals, auditions ... and GCSEs!

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