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Ballet Cymru Associates - A Mid Summer's Night Dream - Newport


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I've just came back home from Riverfront theatre. The Show was fantastic, you must be so proud BankruptMum! I think the associates danced really good and they were so professional! And I laughed so much I nearly cried! My DS loved the rude mechanicals! ( me

too!) And then flowers for the girls! My DD asked me to make sure that she is too young to be a Ballet Cymru associate :-) ( sadly she is!)

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Thank you Happymum, it was an amazing performance wasn't it. Never laughed so much at a performance before, it was wonderful to hear so many young voices enjoying the humour.


Cymru usually perform with unique individual qualities which I love to watch, each performer able to put their own stamp on the choreography.


The dancers were in the foyer afterwards thanking us for coming - they are such lovely down to earth people

Hopefully your DD will be able to take part soon. I did think it was lovely the Associates were all named before the performance. Mine was the one who had the umbrella malfunction! She loved every minute though :-)

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Congrats to them all.

I love Ballet Cymru. We are nowhere near Wales but they have come to our local theatre whilst on tour on a number occasions and I have always thoroughly enjoyed the performances. My DD has been to several of the workshops that they run before performances and I had the opportunity to sit in on the last one. I was very impressed how the staff running the workshop managed to encourage all the students and give corrections appropriate to the individual's level (there was quite a range of ability and experience). The kids all came out buzzing and feeling that they had learned a lot but not been frightened, "put down" or patronised at any point. (Sadly that's not always been the case at ballet events DD has attended.) if we weren't so far away I would love her to be able to do more with them. Such a shame that the summer school isn't residential.

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