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Selling tickets

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Having bought and sold tickets on the old system, I wondered if there were any changes on this new forum? When selling before, I would get an email from admin if someone wanted to purchase the ticket. Then I could follow up and deal directly with the person concerned. Any differences now? Not sure if you even have my current email address.


Thanks Margaret

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Hello, Margaret. We no longer appear to have any email setting as such on this forum: what happens is that if someone sends you a PM you should get a copy of that to your inbox as well (not sure whether that's an automatic setting, or something you have to set up), although you won't be able to reply to it from there, but only from the forum. I think this way is less complicated: with the old system, some people might respond by email and others by PM, and this way you can at least be certain who replied first. I suppose if email communication is easier then you will need to exchange email addresses in the PMs.


I'll send you a test PM and you can see what happens.


With regard to your current email address, I don't think it would have been possible to sign up to the forum without one, so unless you've changed it in the last few weeks you should be fine.

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