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£20 Ramada rooms, including London over the holidays


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In tomorrow's (Friday's) Independent newspaper (including the online version), there'll apparently be a voucher for £20 Ramada hotel rooms, for stays between 6th December 2013 and 6th June 2014. These will include London and the Christmas period, so might work for folks travelling to Nutrackers etc. Further details at the moneysavingexpert.com site.


On the hotel deals page of the same MSE site:

there are some other good hotel deals, e.g. £17-£25 Travelodge rooms (1st December to 28th Feb, excluding central London).


Its page on train and coach deals:
can often be a good starting place for cheap ways to get there.


Yaffa (no connection to any of the above, just passing on the info)

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