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Ballet schools in Spain


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DS has a friend at Kirov who came from Real Conservatorio Profesional de Danza Mariemma in Madrid don't have any other details though- sorry....One thing you could do is look through the recent Prix de Lausanne prizewinners for clues- eg I had a quick trawl and in 2012 there was a spanish girl Sonia Vinograd- if you then google her you find she attended Espagne Institut del Teatre de Barcelona, Conservatori Professional de Dansa. A bit laborious but if no-one else knows it might be a last resort!

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The Spanish dancers at ENB (you can look at their mini-bios on the company's website) all seem to have done their later training abroad. Esteban Berlanga (he's on Wikipedia), who left ENB in the summer to join Compania Nacional de Dansa, does seem to have done all his training in Spain, though. It's also worth looking at the mini-bios for any Spanish dancers (I'm sure that there are some) at BRB and Northern Ballet. Possibly because of the relative lack of classical ballet companies in Spain many Spanish dancers complete their training and go to work abroad.

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