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How to help my daughter to the next step?


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My daughter has just turned 13 and loves dance. She currently does 12 45 minutes classes a week, as well as helping with the pre primary classes of her dance school. She is about to take exams in Grade 4 and 5 ballet, grade 4 modern, grade 3 tap. She also takes classes in contemporary ballet, hip hop, pointe musical theatre, stretch and advanced tap.


She wants to do a btech in Dance as one of her GCSE options and her school offers this. What other opportunities should I be seeking out for her? As my username suggests I have absolutely no talent or knowledge of dance, and this is my first post on the forum.


As an aside she has had a big growth spurt over the last 2 years and is now 5ft 7 (at least, maybe an inch or 2 even more). She has some back problems during this but had some physio to strengthen her core and now seems to have settled down again.


Her dance teacher worries that the examiners will not take notice of her date of birth and understand she's 13 and 2 months as she looks a great deal older - both because of her height and ironically her ballet poise!

Any advice is gratefully receive!

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Hello and welcome to the forum.

Firstly I would not worry about your DDs height and maturity effecting her exams.  Younger DDs grade 4 class included girls aged 12 - 15, heights ranging from under 5ft to about 5ft 8" with the two tallest being the youngest bar one.  The results of their exams were in line with what the teacher expected - all distinctions I believe - RAD system.


Other things that could help your DD would be performance opportunities like English Youth Ballet, National Youth Ballet, Associate Schemes and summer/Easter schools, of which there are too many to mention.  When you have the time I suggest you sit down and have a good read through topics on associates and summer schools and see if there is anything that interests you and your DD.

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I guess I would firstly ask her what she wants to do. Is she interested in a professional career-if so what type or would she rather teach?


There are actually a lot of routes and courses out there. The one thing I do say to students, even the ones I teach who choose the non dancing route and Uni, is what will you do with it after you finish the course. I think in the current climate, while it is not great to have to be that pragmatic so young, it is a valid point for consideration.


Perhaps you can share what your daughter has in mind as I am sure there are many who can share experiences?

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