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Dutch National gala available online!

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Thanks, Katherine. Having had a quick look, Matthew Golding seems to be dancing a solo from Don Q - which is interesting given the RB's new production and his forthcoming move to that company.


Matthew, who was Ratmansky's first cast for his Don Q and appears on the DNB video of that ballet, also appears in Hans van Manen's Variations for two couples.


Here's a list of what appears on the gala broadcast (only an hour long, with interviews, so not the entire gala):


Vito Mazzeo in van Manen's Five Tangos, Matthew Golding and Anna Tsygankova in the grand pas de deux from Ratmansky's Don Quixote, Marijn Rademaker in Edward Clug's Ssss, Remi Wortmeyer and Maia Makhateli in Balanchine's Tchaikovsky Pas de deux, and Mathias Heymann in Grand Pas Classique, and Igone de Jongh and Jozef Varga, Matthew Golding and Anna Tsygankova in Variations for two couples by Hans van Manen, Larissa Lezhnina and Artur Shesterikov in Krzystof Pastor's In Light and Shadow. The company performs David Dawson's Overture. Also appearing: DNB's new Junior Company, including "First Position" star Michaela dePrince, in Ernst Meisner's Lollapalooza.

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