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Tring Park Associates


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Dd is thinking of trying for Tring Park Associates on Saturdays.  She's tried a few times for the CBA and hasn't got in so thought she'd try for the associates in the meantime.  Plus she's quite keen to try tap, jazz etc


She got a place for the associates about 3 years ago but we couldn't let her do it as the timing was difficult.  Now I know the non-syllabus ballet class for her level is later on, it's more do-able.


I'm sure it's very well taught and she'll gain a lot from the classes.  Does anyone have any personal experience of the associates?


Also, regarding the travel.  As anyone with dancing dc (plus siblings) will know, I do a LOT of ferrying around during the week and more when dd is doing something like EYB.  I want to try and keep travel to a minimum at the weekend to have some time with my other dds.  The train line to Tring goes quite near our home so I had this idea perhaps she could go to and from herself.  I know the station at Tring is too far to walk but I thought she could maybe get a taxi or someone could drop her at the station after her classes.  But I don't know if that's expecting too much of her.  If she did it, she'd start in January, she will be 13 in May so is used to travelling to and from school herself.


Do you think this is feasible?

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