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London Children's Ballet - Boys' classes

Anna C

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DS did these a couple of years ago. Excellent classes.


If your son is in the situation mine was, being the only boy of his age in a school of girls and much younger boys, then take the day to take a trip to Fulham. These were the first classes he did with lots of other boys.


You'll also meet other ballet boy families - and also some who have children in the LCB performances (and say it quietly, but we did get a bit of snobbery from some who were 'in the performance' and had been for a number of years in various ways, but generally they were all fine).


So you can share ballet boy stories. Lots of shops and food close by as well. Including a cafe with the biggest meringues you will ever see!


We were also able to combine the trip with other things we wanted to do, so although it was a longish day, well worth it.

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Oh well looks like the meringues are keeping in tune with everything else then.......there's anther thread on the not dance thread called is it me....complaining about how everything seems to be getting smaller but costing more!!



These classes sound a great idea though!!

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