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Overseas ballet companies visiting the UK in 2014

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I don't expect that 2014 will be a bumper year like this year, but I thought that it might be helpful to put all the information in one place.


So far, I have heard of the following visits:


Les Ballets de Monte Carlo will be bringing Maillots 'Lac' to the Coliseum in April.


Royal Swedish Ballet will be bringing Mats Ek's 'Romeo and Juliet' to Sadler's Wells in September.

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The junior company of Dutch National Ballet and the Mariinsky Ballet are both coming to the ROH this year.


I understand that Royal Swedish Ballet is going to Paris in September. As there seems to be no further news of a visit to the UK I wonder whether the company has decided to go to Paris instead of London.

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Thanks capybara and aileen. I had thought I'd read somewhere that the Mariinsky were coming to the ROH, but as I couldn't find anything on either the Mariinsky or the ROH websites, decided I must have been mistaken.


Do either of you know what ballets they are bringing? Or where I can find any more information?


Many thanks.

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There is another thread called something like 'Mariinsky Ballet to visit in 2014' which gives details of the programmes which the company is bringing to the UK. In due course they should appear on the ROH's website. DNB's performances are already on the website.

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