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ENB workshop


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Yes it does, this is what the link says:




Event / Activity details

Oxford, The Old Fire Station, Oxford

30 Oct 2013

18:00 – 20:00

£10 Single / £20 Youth Workshop and Adult Workshop


There are two links to the ENB site but this wording is identical on both.

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Has anyone been to any of these events, I'd be interested to hear feedback. I took my friend's dd to the youth ballet workshop in Oxford last night and was surprised to hear that only 5 girls were there. It being half term and only £10 for two hours of teaching, I would have thought it would be packed to the rafters. Apparently there was an adult workshop going on at the same time but as u simply dropped off and collected I have no idea if that was better attended or not. It seems a shame to me when an opportunity is offered that it is not taken up. Thoughts?

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There are various events at several of the theatres as part of the Corsaire tour. I've found that the ENB website is pretty hard to negotiate, and I contact the theatre now instead.


I agee Taxi, I am currently finding the website difficult to negotiate.  Last year when the company was in Liverpool the flyer listed at least 8 events but I only picked it up when I got to the theatre!

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I went to the adult one last night and it really was fantastic, we had the theatre but no barre’s, so we had to use chairs, but that did not detract from it for me. I guess not quite so good if you didn't like dancing more or less on your own.

We danced two scenes, the first from the Slave Market in Act one which I have virtually forgotten. The second was from Act 3 the Harem, we did the dance of the slave girls as a group although we were divided into two groups because of floor available space.

 As at the end we danced as opposing duets, only two girls on the floor at a time. it really did look quite spectacular, I loved it. We only had 11 girls in the adult group, no guys, but one girl retired just before the end after hurting her leg.


What did surprise me, there were no dancers I recognised, other than our teacher, and she made the same comment.


My only downside was the parking in Oxford, its so expensive and done on an automated phone systems virtually everywhere, however I did find a park down Oxpens Rd that did still have some of the old coin machines alongside telephone parking, but it sill cost me over £10 to park.

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Thank you for your feedback Michelle, I parked in the Worcester Street car park, very close to the venue. Coin or card operated machines and it cost a little over £7 but maybe we weren't there for as long. I hated driving in Oxford, very confusing traffic lights but can't fault the council for the very comprehensive parking information on their website. Glad you enjoyed the workshop

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