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Wayne McGregor|Random Dance - Atomos

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Here are a couple of photos from the snippets we saw from 'Atomos' at Sadlers Wells, from Wayne McGregor|Random Dance. Looks an intriguing piece - look forward to hearing any thoughts from anyone...




Atomos - Wayne McGregor|Random Dance (Daniela Neugebauer, James Pett, Michael-John Harper)
© Dave Morgan. Courtesy of DanceTabs / Flickr

Atomos - Wayne McGregor|Random Dance (Catarina Carvalho, Avaro Dule)
© Dave Morgan. Courtesy of DanceTabs / Flickr

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Set from DanceTabs - Atomos, from Wayne McGregor|Random Dance
Courtesy of DanceTabs / Flickr


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I went last night and have a question.  I was handed the 3D specs as I entered so put them on when the ballet started though they weren't needed until the screen images came on.  Did any of the ushers actually point this out?


I was sitting close so got the full effect but my fiend at the back said the specs made no difference for him at all. 


Apart from my moans about the 3D thing, I actually enjoyed the piece.

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If this is the future of dance, dance and I will have to part company when the future arrives.


Never mind the dancing, which was ok but repetitive - the sound was so ridiculously loud that I spent most of the performance with my fingers in my ears.


I've seen a lot of theatre and the multimeeedja excesses of 5/6 years ago were a bit tedious, so I can't say I'm happy to now see this arrive in dance. But then theatre mostly got over it and some came up with interesting uses of video or breaking the 4th wall, so maybe dance will eventually.


I'm not quite sure what the piece was saying about science (or atoms), and I'll stick with the statement that emotion or intensity in a dance performance should ideally be achieved through the dance, not volume of sound.


At curtain down, 4 people in my row rushed for the exit, one of them pushing open a door that was alarmed with the words "I don't care, anything to get out of here".


I suspect opinions on this piece are likely to differ.


There were 2 dance sequences that I liked well enough to leave McGregor on my "list of things I'll watch voluntarily" for now. Next time I'll check who is responsible for the sound scape though (hesitate calling it music) and take cotton wool, just in case.

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At curtain down, 4 people in my row rushed for the exit, one of them pushing open a door that was alarmed


A bit of an aside, but those doors are never "alarmed" during a performance: they have to be left open for possible evacuation.  Sadler's Wells just leave the signs across the door regardless.  (Is this why nobody but me ever seems to use the side exits?)

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I think to make a piece using 3D that requires 3D specs is a bit arrogant.  I am very short sighted and cannot do without my specs and the 3D specs do nothing for me - everything just looks blurred.  My niece has an eye condition that means she cannot take advantage of 3D either.


Many years ago, on holiday in Prague my friend and I went to a Magic Lantern performance that turned out to be a super modern dance piece that had a back screen projecting images.  At times items were hurtling out of the screen so effectively that we were ducking to avoid them - and not a 3D spec in sight!


I have enjoyed the Wayne Macgregor choreography I have seen but I think I will have to give this one a miss.

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Like Janet McNulty I'm a short-sighted specs wearer but put the glasses over my usual ones.  I've only once been to the Imax (not my thing) and the glasses looked different from the ones I was given there as the Sadlers Wells ones had dark lenses - more like sun glasses.  I reiterate that the glasses only needed to be worn for the images on the screens that came down halfway through, you could do without them and still enjoy the show.

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