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Simply Adult Ballet: the progress of one adult dancer who took up ballet later in life

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What about contacting BBO for that in Battersea there are bound to be some free days there in August. Maybe not such a lovely location but nice enough and a break in London. Remember football season starts mid August usually so Adrian could go to a few games!! 

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Hi LinMM


I'm reluctant to use anything in London as the overall cost is likely to be very expensive, in any case I would be looking at a 5 day Monday to Friday hire from 9am to 3pm which was based on the 2021 hire requirement in Scotland for next year, and of course an adequate teacher for much of that time, that we certainly had, she was exceptional.


For the moment I'm trying to link them together, I have one teacher that was supposed to be coming back to me last Monday, but no response as yet,

I have another school and teacher in mind that I may sound out, otherwise I’m likely to try something completely different

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