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Just Ballet - Ballet Documentary

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I wonder what school it is - the Japanese girl says that when she came to Austria it was the first time that she'd left Japan and they are speaking German, so I presume it's in Austria.  They're all so good with such perfect physique - it's rather depressing for those of us who try to make ballerinas out of average kids learning two or three times a week :(   I often wonder what the teachers at vocational schools would make out of the students that we get to work on, but on the other hand I am so used to having a million corrections to give, that faced with this level of student I am not sure that I would be able to correct the technical minutiae that they latch on to.........

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Vienna State Ballet school.

Just Ballet

Format on location | Production Company Seven Film- und Postproduction GmbH (Austria) | Co-Production Company ZDF/3SAT | Producer Alexander Reindl, Johnnie Opher Behiri, Stephanus Domanig | Director Stephanus Domanig | Camera Johnnie Oper Behiri | Editor Ulrike Kofler | Duration 101' 27'' | Production Year 2011 | Recorded Vienna, Japan, Romania | Dance Style Classical ballet | Source video/audio HD / Stereo

"Just Ballet" is portraying the story of a class in the ballet school of the Vienna State Opera, one of the hardest educations young people can choose. The film follows the 14-year-old students during their school year, showing the background of their training and the effects on their life and families. They are best friends and hardest competitors at once, sharing the same dream: to dance on the most famous stages of the world. Beyond the common clichés, "Just Ballet" documents the fears of eight young girls, their conflicts within the class, with their teachers and last but not least their parents.

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