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Exercises for new pointe shoes?


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I don't know any exersices or routines to break in your new pair of point shoes beacause i am getting a new pair today and when the ribbon are sowen on i will be useing them for classes and i need 2 break them in first, so please tell me and send me anything about breaking in your point shoes beacause i raelly need 2!  :) 

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Ok. Well, until you are more experienced en pointe, it's always a good idea to ask your teacher to check the fit of your new pointes *before* you sew them.


Once your teacher has approved your pointes, you can ask her for tips to break them in. She may just suggest wearing them around the house with socks over the shoes to keep them clean. Or she may suggest doing rises in them, rolling up through demi-pointe and down again WITHOUT going fully onto pointe. Even walking around in them *carefully* on demi-pointe will help.


IMPORTANT things to remember:


NO going up onto pointe at home or unsupervised by your teacher - it only takes one slip to injure yourself

Be VERY CAREFUL walking around in them, even on demi-pointe, in case you slip.

NEVER try to go up and down stairs in pointe shoes, even with socks over them.


This video may also help:


If in doubt, always check with your teacher. :-)

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