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L.A. Dance Project: triple bill, London, October 2013

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A couple more pics from Benjamin Millepied's new piece, 'Reflections' for the LA Dance Project:


Reflections (Morgan Lugo, Amanda Wells, Nathan Makolandra)
© Dave Morgan. Courtesy of DanceTabs / Flickr

Reflections (Morgan Lugo & Julia Eichten)
© Dave Morgan. Courtesy of DanceTabs / Flickr

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Set from DanceTabs - LA Dance Project's Reflections (Benjamin Millepied)
Courtesy of DanceTabs / Flickr


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Just wanted to say I SO loved the new Justin Peck piece, MURDER BALLADS, with its vivid original score that I went to see it TWICE.  It is just SO refreshing to be be able to hear this Choreographer's original voice wash up at last on England's shores.  You could certainly see the influence of Robbins.  Here the conversation commenced in INTERPLAY was both honoured and extended in a unique and wonderfully structured way.  This is our first time to taste this gloriously talented young man's joy.  It was heartbreaking in the extreme to see the theatre SO empty on both occasions.  (I hope the same fate is not greeting Liam Scarlett with the premiere of his new FRATAS pas for Yanowsky and Pennefether just now at NYC's City Centre in the mixed FALL FOR DANCE programme).  Where were all these people on this board and elsewhere who say they are interested in exploring new work?  (Perhaps they were still being all cozy-like at an extended tea with those much celebrated and oh, so, here dearly loved 'grannies'!)  I've never seen SW SOOOOO empty.  I'm sure Peck will be developing pieces for POB though.  Quite right too.  Millipied obvously values his gifts.  I went over on Tuesday night and thanked him for including it.  He just smiled knowingly, winked and said: 'Brilliant isn't it?'  IT IS.  (That noted, at the LBC interview with Kevin O'Hare this summer the RB Director said that he'd been very taken with Peck's work when he caught it at NYCB on the occasion of his going over to see Steven McRae guest in ABT's Corsaire.  Maybe - just maybe - we will get to see something of Peck's created for the RB as well.)  Also just wanted to say: what an incisive talent Charlie Hodges is: .... STUNNING .... His spirit as much as his technique are truly radiant.  You can crucially see the soul behind the mind of this chap who is an Ivy League Phi Beta Kappa in both dance and architecture.  BOFFO!!!  His line is pristine rapture.  Engagement plus.  Small legs; HUGE dance. The LA Dance Project couldn't have a better Ballet Master!!  

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Thank you, Meunier.  I knew there was a new Justin Peck piece coming up somewhere, but couldn't remember where and when it was.  Unfortunately, this is turning out to be a bad week for me, and I don't know whether I'll be able to make it.


Incidentally, I see tickets are £17.50 at the half-price booth in Leicester Square.

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