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Trials and travails...


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It's not all about finance, homesickness, injuries, dance teachers and schools (of all types), examinations, etc (although if you need advice about any of those, then you have come to the right place).


Watch this video, try not to have a smile on your face, then send it onto your dancing children.


I may even try the 'walking down the stairs' bit myself!

If I do, watch out for the post entitled 'broke my leg whilst trying to tap dance down stairs'




which bit is your favourite?

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Stirrups Thankyou so much for that...I love the Killers anyway but the dance clips were brilliant and what a dancer Elvis could have been with a bit of training....seeing Patrick Swayze still makes me want to cry just love him.


Now which down the stairs bit the tap bit or the jump into splits bits.....I can feel some accidents coming on!!!



Swan Princess hope your injury clears up quickly.....Ive still got a special cushion with a hole in it from when I slipped on an escalator once in London and now my partner sits on it for any long stints at the computer.

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