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How to best prepare for lower school entry auditions?


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As our ds has set his mind on going to one of the vocational dance schools in the UK (we will also be looking at the one in Berlin, as we live in Germany, but he would rather go to the UK - he goes to an English international school at the moment), I was just wondering how he can best prepare for the auditions? He already has close to 13 hours dance training per week, the majority of that classical ballet. He is now in year 5, so it will get serious next school year. Any suggestions, tips etc will be most gratefully received:)

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Yes,he is doing quite enough.

At this age they are looking at potential and suitability for training. There is a danger that a child doing so many hours could become too trained in a particular way or style and that will be counter productive if a school feels that they can not train them "their" way instead.


My advice would be firstly to make sure he is really enjoying it and that this is what he wants. Is he flexible physically because if not then that is what needs to be worked on. Good luck.

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