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Celebrations of Kenneth Macmillan's 85th birthday in 2014

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Three Russian websites announced that Stanislavsky Theatre has been invited to London in 2014 to perform 'Mayerling' during the celebrations of Kenneth Macmillan's 85th birthday. One of those statements was made by Zelensky.




The author of one of the articles wrote that ‘the widow of the British classic admired the staging of “Mayerling” during the last season so much that she readily gave them the right to produce another ballet too (“Manon”).’


Have I missed the announcement of these celebrations in the British press?

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Do we know when they plan to come?   I tried the translation website but it only translates 100 characters and it was a bit confused. It did seem to say they were also obtaining Manon but I don't know if they're bringing that also. Joan

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Neither of those three articles gives any indication on WHEN the celebrations will take place. They only mention that there was an invitation to show 'Mayerling' and Zelensky was proud to tell about it.

No one could invite them to bring 'Manon' because they don't have it in their repertoire yet. The repetiteurs are expected to come to Moscow for rehearsals in February and the performances will take place in July.

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