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Nederlands Dance Theatre UK Workshop

Jan McNulty

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I've seen the live cinema screenings advertised when I go to see the cinema screening from the Bolshoi however my local cinema does not host NDT live screenings :( I've always wanted to see this company live as those little pathe teaser trailers look breathtaking.


I've now signed up for the workshop I hope I can get the time off work as it's non refundable.

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It's very tempting but not this time for me but thanks Janet for the info.


On the summer school course I did in London in August I did a contemporary class each day for the first time for ages and really loved it but this was in a fairly small group of about 10-12 people and I'm not trained that much in contemporary style....have mostly done the Jose Limon style which I also loved.


In Brighton South East dance now based in Kent have plans to extend and build an entire new theatre and dance space in Brighton which is currently going through planning application....if approved building will start in early 2014 I think and be ready by 2015.

As part of this they will be running new contemporary classes for the local community......a bit like the Rambert in London.....so hope to take advantage of this when it starts.


But anyone already very au fait with this style of dance this should be a great opportunity.....though as someone else has said a pity in the middle of the week as this may not only be difficult for people who work but also for those young people studying Dance as they may not be able to get time off either!

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