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London Junior and Senior Ballet Auditions


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I don't know about RBS JAs but the junior audition for ljb is apparently very straightforward. My dd found the senior one quite different to other senior auditions as didnt just go over basics and got them doing what to her were more advanced work.

Good luck for today.

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Girl from our dance school has just said she got into seniors - didn't realise they found out on the day! Fingers crossed for our forum children!


I know that if you audition in September and are also wanting to audition for the Graduate scholarships, which are held on the same day, then you will be told if you were successful for the first audition for the Graduate class, before you can go into the second audition. Perhaps the girl from your dance school did that.


This is what is put on their website:

'The Scholarship audition will take place in the afternoon of the 8th September and is only open to those that have auditioned and been offered a place on the programme, and will be awarded on ability only.


Students then need to meet one of both of the following criteria:

1.Placed on the Graduate Level

2.Passed an Intermediate level examination and have reached their 14th Birthday by August 31st.'

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