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RAD membership question


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Sorry, this is a really stupid question probably...

I'm just filling in the application form for DD to become an Affiliate Member of the RAD. There is a section that asks for dance qualifications including non RAD ones but there are only 9 lines in the box and DD has done a lot more than 9 dance exams in various genres. Do I really need to put them all down or do you think it would be ok to just put the most recent ones/highest grades she's done in each genre? I can't imagine they are really that interested to know what she got for her primary ballet, grade1 modern etc and to be honest I can't remember when she did the earlier grades anyway. I'm sure we have all the certificates somewhere but I really don't want to spend the weekend searching for them if it doesn't really matter! Any thoughts?

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Just put down the highest qualifying exam she has passed - if she has passed RAD Intermediate they definitely do not need to know that she passed Primary, Grade 1 etc - it doesn't matter - she is allowed the affiliate membership because of the vocational exam she has passed and that's what counts. I think they add the bit about non RAD exams, because you can also become a member if you have the same level qualification in IDTA or ISTD or something. I also presume they're talking about ballet exams and not modern or tap.

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