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Sergei Polunin video

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It's a lovely impressionistic video. But, sigh, he seems so vulnerable and lost. He says he is better now, under Zelensky's guidance, but I'm afraid the video, at least, doesn't convince me of that fact. He seems to have had such a lonely, miserable childhood. It breaks my heart, anew, what so many of these dancers have to give up, from the age of 4 - four!!!- for their art. It doesn't seem right.

He's such a lovely dancer - I saw him in Coppelia and was prepared to feel disappointed but wasn't, at all - I found that I couldn't take my eyes off him when he was on stage. I hope he finds some path to peace and health and dances for many years to come.

Sometimes I feel this is too cruel an art for me to enjoy, with the popcorn, as it were.

I think opera, which was my first love, demands less of its performers, and at much older ages. I think the whole problem is that ballet is a young person's game, and the very young are always going to be so vulnerable. I can't quite express what I feel, but watching this video overwhelms me with feelings of sadness and loss on behalf of a skinny lonely four year old boy whom I don't even know.

Thank you for posting it, Toursenlair. 

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SMballet, I had the same feelings when I watched this video. Despite being one of the best, most naturally-talented dancers in the world, he still seems like a lost, lonely, confused little boy. Like you, I hope that he manages to find the inner peace and stability he so obviously craves, and that he doesn't throw away his prodigious gifts....but this is purely for selfish reasons; the thought of not seeing him dance is a very sad one! He is dancing now, but he is so volatile that one never knows if he will be dancing in a year's time. Let's hope that Zelensky keeps him calm, and on track.

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This is what happens when choices are made for us - life committing choices.  At 4yrs old someone made a choice for him and subsequently everyone around him reimposed that choice just because his body is so superbly constructed for dance.  It's not much different than a child being "altered" to be a castratti singer.  But, in his case - he still has a choice.  The problem is he is not used to having a choice.  Dance is all he knows.  And, thus he's frightened.  Weren't we all at his age?  At least most of us had spent some time thinking about what path to choose. Even then, it wasn't easy to make one's way.  


One of the most difficult tthings for people who have been imprisoned (whatever that prison might look like) is the confusion of facing freedom. 


Let's hope his intelligence will find him a good path ahead  - one of his choice.

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I wonder ... am I alone in feeling the tattoos on this young dancer ... when being permanent as they are and not as some chosen part of character costume for reasons behind a specific piece ... are distracting to the line of the dance? 


The make-up department do a fantastic job of hiding them, on the Ashton Celebration BluRay you can see one on his hand in the rehearsal film, but it's invisible during the actual performance.

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Well it's minus 5 degrees in Novosibirsk and has been steadily falling there last few days as is often in minus double figures there! So if you find a flight don't forget the woollies!!


Not as bad as Yakutzt though which is minus 44degrees at mo!


One of these days would love to go to St Petersburg but the cold in the winter puts me off though I think not minus numbers there yet!

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Looks a million dollars.  This isn't the company currently touring the UK as the State Ballet of Siberia or whatever they're called, is it?


Oh, Alison! How could the State Ballet of Siberia open this "Nutcracker" in Novosibirsk last week if they are currently touring the UK?
The State Ballet of Siberia came from the City of Krasnoyarsk, which is about 800 km to the east from the City of Novosibirsk.


If the choreography and dancing are half as wonderful as the decor and design, this version of SB could be a world-beater.

The production is mainly based on the choreography by Vainonen, which has been traditionally used by many Russian ballet companies and ballet schools.

Edited for typo.

Edited by Amelia
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