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Cassandra Project

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I haven't seen this mentioned on the forums yet. 


There seem's to be a collaboration going on between composer Ana Silvera and Royal Ballet dancer Ludovic Ondiviela (I have a feeling she provided the music for his latest DraftWorks piece?). It's currently in it's 'R&D' phase and Ondiviela has been choreographing on Mara Galeazzi, Lauren Cuthbertson and Tom Whitehead for the last few days - some cool pictures have been cropping up on Twitter and Instagram. I'm not sure what the end goal is, but could be an interesting project to keep an eye on! Silvera wrote about it on her blog a month ago here: http://anasilvera.livejournal.com/23669.html

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Cassandra, in the Linbury, details in above link, was included in the Period 1 Autumn booking, still a few tickets left, and the insight, on 9th September, became available as part of public booking for Delloite Ignite events. I'm looking forward to it even more now the full cast is announced.

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