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My dd has thought about auditioning for Eyb, however, ballet is not her only love. Does anyone know of a similar type of performance based thing similar to eyb but includes, not just ballet but other forms of dance such as modern, jazz, tap and musical theatre? Preferably not just a short workshop or a day of dance. Or are there many associate type programmes that aren't just about ballet. Sorry, I know this is mainly a ballet forum but thought I'd ask!

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Hi Yellowcar

The Hammond School in Chester has a monthly associate class that might be worth looking into if it isn't too far for you to travel.

They cover over other styles of dance including street and if memory serves me right I'm sure they do singing too.

A lot has changed since my dd went to these classes including the name,someone else on here may have more up to date information.

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Youth Musical Theatre & National Youth Musical Theatre do a residential course leading up to performances


Locally my theatre, The local youth theatre, the operatic & dramatic societies all do shows; several of the local dance schools also do 'performance' classes


DD has just spent 2 weeks at Arts Ed putting on Bugsy Malone (which was fab).  Arts Ed & Italia Conti runs Saturday classes (but I don't know much about them)


London Studio Centre are running an associate class (Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz & Singing) on a Saturday - it's the first time they have run it this year (DD has a place - it's audition entry)

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Some ATG theatres do "community projects".  For example the Liverpool Empire Youth Ballet is doing Peter Pan, which is being performed this coming October.  It may be worth investigating at your local theatre.


Here's the detailab out the Empire scheme:  http://www.balletcoforum.com/index.php?/topic/3328-atg-liverpool-empire-youth-ballet-2013-peter-pan/?hl=%2Bliverpool+%2Bempire

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