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Carlos Acosta new novel

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Carlos Acosta is appearing at at least 2 literature Festivals this October to promote his new novel, Pig's Foot, about a boy growing up in Cuba. Apparently is is nominated by Waterstones as one of the literary debuts of the year.

Carlos is appearing at the Cheltenham Literature Festival on Sunday October 13th at 2pm. Tickets £8. I think public booking is not open until September but check. The online catalogue is huge and I couldn't find the booking details when I revisited the site.

He is also appearing at the Manchester Literature festival on Saturday 19th October at the Lowry. Tickets £9. £7 concession. Buy tickets online or book 08432086010.

With his debut in ENB's Corsaire and the debut of his ROH Don Q Carlos is having a busy October!!


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Yes, you're right Pam. I thought he was taking on a lot this October! I'm getting mixed up with him peforming with Tamara in Romeo next summer. I thought it was rather unusual as the Corsaire was always matinees and I didn't think Carlos did matinees!  Joan

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