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Bolshoi Company Class - Internet Streaming, Tuesday 13 August

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Not greatly impressed by the first 10 minutes - continual re-buffering, and it looks as if this is a 'special' class for the Net, with only about a dozen or so dancers seen thus far.  Not at all like the crowded studio when the RB did its streaming a year or so back.

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I thought it well worth watching, but wish they had panned around the studio a bit.  During the barre only the same few dancers could be seen, but when centre started, several dancers came from the barre that was along the wall where the camera was located.


Like many company classes, wearing pointe shoes for the girls was optional, only one dancer was wearing pointe shoes on the barre that could be seen, but several of those who appeared for the centre were wearing them too.  Also, the barre section ended with a pointe relevé exercise.


It may be that some dancers took off their pointe shoes for centre, or disappeared for a rehearsal.  The numbers did seem to dwindle during centre.  Still it was lovely to see such talented dancers at work!

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The idea of putting the dancers photos further down the page was a good one, however the one of Andrei Merkuriev is wrongly captioned as Yan Godovsky. 


Now see what people mean when they compare Semyon Chudin with Wayne Eagling.

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