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ENB Casting for Nutcracker 2013/14

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The following casting for Nutcracker has just appeared on my Facebook page from ENB:


Liverpool Empire
20.11.13 – Klimentová (Clara), Muntagirov (Nephew) and Souza (Nutcracker)
21.11.13 (Matinee) – Glurdjidze (Clara), Vargas (Nephew) and Atymtayev (Nutcracker)
21.11.13 – Cojocaru (Clara), Muntagirov (Nephew) and Souza (Nutcracker)
22.11.13 – Glurdjidze (Clara), Vargas (Nephew) and Atymtayev (Nutcracker)
23.11.13 – Summerscales (Clara), Forbat (Nephew) and Westwell (Nutcracker)
23.11.13 – Cojocaru (Clara), Muntagirov (Nephew) and Souza (Nutcracker)

London Coliseum
11.12.13 – Klimentová (Clara), Muntagirov (Nephew) and Souza (Nutcracker)
12.12.13 (Matinee) – Glurdjidze (Clara), Vargas (Nephew) and Atymtayev (Nutcracker)
12.12.13 – Cojocaru (Clara), Muntagirov (Nephew) and Souza (Nutcracker)
13.12.13 (Matinee Gala) – Oliveira (Clara), Gruzdyev (Nephew) and Atymtayev (Nutcracker)
13.12.13 – Rojo (Clara), TBC (Nephew) and Westwell (Nutcracker)
14.12.13 (Matinee) – Summerscales (Clara), Forbat (Nephew) and Westwell (Nutcracker)
14.12.13 – Takahashi (Clara), Konvalina (Nephew) and Reimair (Nutcracker)

16.12.13 (Matinee) - Klimentová (Clara), Muntagirov (Nephew) and Souza (Nutcracker)
16.12.13 - Glurdjidze (Clara), Vargas (Nephew) and Atymtayev (Nutcracker)
17.12.13 (Matinee) – Kase (Clara), Acosta (Nephew) and Young (Nutcracker)
17.12.13 – Rojo (Clara), TBC (Nephew) and Westwell (Nutcracker)
18.12.13 (Matinee) – Costa (Clara), Vargas (Nephew) and Bufala (Nutcracker)
18.12.13 – Oliveira (Clara), Gruzdyev (Nephew) and Atymtayev (Nutcracker)

19.12.13 (Matinee) – Summerscales (Clara), Forbat (Nephew) and Westwell (Nutcracker)
19.12.13 – Klimentová (Clara), Muntagirov (Nephew) and Souza (Nutcracker)
20.12.13 (Matinee) – Glurdjidze (Clara), Vargas (Nephew) and Atymtayev (Nutcracker)
20.12.13 – Takahashi (Clara), Konvalina (Nephew) and Reimair (Nutcracker)
21.12.13 (Matinee) – Kase (Clara), Acosta (Nephew) and Young (Nutcracker)
21.13.13 – Cojocaru (Clara), Muntagirov (Nephew) and Souza (Nutcracker)

23.12.13 (Matinee) – Takahashi (Clara), Konvalina (Nephew) and Reimair (Nutcracker)
23.12.13 – Cojocaru (Clara), Muntagirov (Nephew) and Souza (Nutcracker)
24.12.13 (Matinee) - Ramirez (Clara), Atymtayev (Nephew) and Saruhashi (Nutcracker)
26.12.13 (Matinee) – Glurdjidze (Clara), Vargas (Nephew) and Atymtayev (Nutcracker)
26.12.13 – Rojo (Clara), TBC (Nephew) and Westwell (Nutcracker)

27.12.13 (Matinee) – Cojocaru (Clara), Muntagirov (Nephew) and Souza (Nutcracker)
27.12.13 – Oliveira (Clara), Gruzdyev (Nephew), and Atymtayev (Nutcracker)
28.12.13 (Matinee) – TBC (Clara), Forbat (Nephew) and Westwell (Nutcracker)
28.12.13 – Kase (Clara), Acosta (Nephew) and Young (Nutcracker)
29.13.13 (Matinee) – Rojo (Clara), TBC (Nephew) and Westwell (Nutcracker)

30.12.13 (Matinee) – Costa (Clara), Vargas (Nephew) and Bufala (Nutcracker)
30.12.13 – Oliveira (Clara), Gruzdyev (Nephew) and Atymtayev (Nutcracker)
31.12.13 (Matinee) – TBC (Clara), Forbat (Nephew) and Westwell (Nutcracker)
2.1.14 (Matinee) – Ramirez (Clara), Atymtayev (Nephew) and Saruhashi (Nutcracker)
2.1.14 – Takahashi (Clara), Konvalina (Nephew) and Reimair (Nutcracker)

3.1.14 (Matinee) – Klimentová (Clara), Muntagirov (Nephew) and Souza (Nutcracker)
3.1.14 – Rojo (Clara), TBC (Nephew) and Westwell (Nutcracker)
4.1.14 (Matinee) – Oliveira (Clara), Gruzdyev (Nephew) and Atymtayev (Nutcracker)
5.1.14 – Takahashi (Clara), Konvalina (Nephew) and Reimair (Nutcracker)
6.1.14 (Matinee) – Glurdjidze (Clara), Vargas (Nephew) and Atymtayev (Nutcracker)

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I am quite new to watching ENB so wondered what people's experience of Nutcracker ticket sales was like. I read somewhere that Nutcracker is a great box-office seller, so does that mean the shows always sell out?  Is it advisable to book in advance?  Or take the gamble of waiting for special offers?


When I watched ENB's Sleeping Beauty, Death & Esctasy, and the Raymonda triple bill, there were plenty of empty seats.  Your thoughts would be appreciated.

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ENB's  Nutcracker usually sells extremely well, especially if RB is not performing it at the same time.  I'm not sure there will be special offers for it but my tip is to keep visiting ENO website over the next few months to see how the seats are selling for the performance/s you want to see. 

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Just looking at ticket availability and the Coliseum website is showing "Secret Seat" on the main seating plan for performances. Any idea what this means?


Secret Seat


Buy a £20 unallocated seat in advance and be guaranteed a seat worth £25 or more on the night – you could even be in the stalls or dress circle!


How does it work?

Bookable online only. You'll get a confirmation of your payment immediately, and three days before the performance we’ll email you your actual seat number with your ticket to print at home. Some Secret Seats will always be in the stalls – the rest could be anywhere else in the auditorium but always in an area worth £25 or more.


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  Isn't Rojo's partner for Le Corsaire unconfirmed as well? This could be interesting


   Ignore my gibbering I had a look and it's Golding. Still it could be interesting to see who does end up partnering "The Boss".

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