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wanted Classical Ballet tutu for 13 year old in Aberdeen


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Hello Debs0807,


A lady made a made to measure tutu for my DD.

It was amazing, you cannot tell from the picture how beautiful it is. She sent me pictures as it was going along but when it came wow it looked so

good I just had to keep looking at it. The top layer of the skirt is all sparkly very intricate.

We choose all the colouring and decoration ourselves. She advised if/what would work. I measured my DD ( a lot of measurements with the lady on the phone, I managed it!, or she can do it or you ( but you have to go and see her) or you can get a dress maker to take the measurements and send them to her.


Anyway cost depends on what you want but here is the link to website: http://www.lulustutus.co.uk/ and facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lulustutus.co.uk



She has costs on website, very good value for money. Quality is excellent. You do need to book a slot though. You can also get one made and decorate it yourself.


I am not sure how to post a pic, I will see if I can.

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