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Royal Ballet Live

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10.30 Daily Class - including interviews with Jonathan Cope and Kristen McNally


11.35 Wayne McGregor interview


12.00 Alice's Adventures in Wonderland rehearsal


12.30 Dancers interview


13.05 Monica Mason interview


13:20 Prince of the Pagodas rehearsal


13.50 Marianela Nuñez interview


13.55 Barry Wordsworth and Rob Clark interview


14.00 Polyphonia rehearsal


14.30 Dancers interview


15.15 Street Stories - education project with East London dance students


16.10 Romeo and Juliet rehearsal


16.50 Dancers Interview


17.00 New Liam Scarlett ballet rehearsal


17.30 Liam Scarlett interview


18.30 Carbon Life - including interviews with Wayne McGregor and Mark Ronson (Insights Public Event)

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There's this tweet from ROH earlier today which suggests that it will be available so you can watch it all night!



If you're overseas and the timing of #RBlive means you can't watch live, never fear - we'll be streaming it in again directly afterwards!


well, I didn't need sleep anyway... :-)

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