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Information please: Dancer/Choreographer Marc Brew

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Can anyone tell me anything about Marc Brew?  Amongst the free open-air events at Canary Wharf this month is:  "A premiere performance by renowned choreographer and dancer Marc Brew"  featuring senior students from the Central School of Ballet.  It's part of the City of London Arts Festival and I thought it might be interesting but I know nothing about Mr Brew's work.  Anyone seen any of his performances and can give me some idea of what to expect?  (It's on July 19th at 5.30 and 6.15 in Cabot Square).



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I reviewed a Brew show last autumn:



His past is ballet but the movement he creates is much more contemporary. But you never loose that ballet sensitivity I think. Ballet Central (the trade name of the tour done by Central School of Ballet) shows are good quality generally - the students are usually incredibly well drilled in the work. ALl up I think you would be daft not to go... and then report back!

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I saw his company in "Made in Heaven" a couple of years ago.  It was a somewhat surreal piece which I absolutely loved.  It included spoken word (by an actor) as well as dance, the dancers were excellent.  The choreography and staging were original & witty incorporating several different styles of movement although mainly contemporary.  His work is definitely worth going to.

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