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Strictly Confidential - 2013 Tour

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I saw Strictly Confidential at the Lowry on Tuesday evening.  If you enjoy Strictly you will enjoy this!


Lisa Riley pulls the whole show together.  Joining her are three Strictly professionals - Ian Waite, Natalie Lowe and Artem Chigvintzev, 4 other dancers, a 5-piece band and a music director.


Lisa and the Strictly pros do a series of monologues interspersed with dances.  The band is fully integrated into the show.


This is a light, frothy and totally feelgood show!  Lisa Riley's bubbly personality really shines through.  The dance routines are supberb.  Natalie Lowe partners both Ian Waite and Artem Chigvintzev and sometimes both of them.  The band are terrific and participate in some of the numbers as well as playing their instruments and singing.  There were a couple of episodes I didn't think worked very well but there is more than enough to enjoy to make up for that.


To sum up, if you want a light frothy and feelgood show with lots of good ballroom-ish dancing - this is the one for you.  It was the one for me!

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