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Foot care at vocational schools


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I have had a quick search for a thread , but nothing so far exactly answers my question so sorry if I've missed it !


Do the vocational schools give lessons (to boys in particular) on how to maintain there feet ?!

My DS is hopeless and let's his nails get in a state and won't cut them !

Does anyone know if they keep an eye on this sort of thing !?

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Elmhurst did help out with a chiropodist (at a cost) when Our son got a verruca. But otherwise... I don't think so.


He is getting better, especially as we point out that these are his 'tools' and he needs them to be in as good condition as possible,

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Same problem in our house with boys! I took mine for a one- off appointment with local (male) chiropodist who showed them exactly how to cut their nails. After that they could take ownership of their own feet.

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