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Paris Opera Ballet School (Paris, Dec. 2013/April 2014)

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Details for the annual Paris Opera Ballet School 'demonstrations' (December) and 'Spectacle' (April) - All take place in Paris:

a) 'Demonstrations'
8th (Sun), 15th (Sun) and 21st (Sat) December, 2013

Identical performances on all three dates: students in the lower grades in the morning and those in the upper grades in the afternoon. You need to book separately for the morning and afternoon performances.

B)  Show ('Spectacle')
5th (Sat eve), 6th (Sun matinee), 8th (Tue eve) and 10th (Thurs eve)  April, 2014

Details at:


Booking for overseas groups has commenced for all the above. If you know me, send a PM if you'd like to join my group. If you don't, PM me and I'll be happy to advise re setting up your own group. Public booking doesn't start until 24th September (for the December performances) and 13th January, 2014 for the April performances. Can also give details of group Eurostar tickets and other cheap accommodation/travel options.


N.B: The school recently had its 300th anniversary and has put out some very interesting videos and other materials about life in the school and its anniversary performances.


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If anyone's interested in going to these performances, there are still some £59 return Eurostar tickets available for most of the dates in the current sale at http://www.eurostar.com - but they'll probably go fast. There are also some good bus, ferry and train plane fares around. Happy to try and help if anyone would like more info - just PM/email me.



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