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idta - gradings and age


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Like with post on RAD grades/ages I've seen different ages doing same grades. My dd did grade 1 age 8, grade 2 &3 age 11 (6 months apart) and doing grade 4 in few wks. Had change of dance schools before grade 2. I've known girls age btwn 10 & 14 at grade 4

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I don't have my syllabus with me at this moment in time, but will grab it in the morning. The idta have age requirements for each grade and genre.


The modern jazz ages are as follows (I can recite this like a parrot as I have my modern jazz teaching exam next Friday)

Prep 6

Primary 8

Grade 1 9

Grade 2 and upwards 10

Intermediate performer 14


I think the ballet and theatre craft grades are as follows (will check though)

Prep 5

Primary 7

Grade 1 8

Grade 2 9

Grade 3 10

Grade 4 11

Grade 5 12

Intermediate 13

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